MS Mother Runner
Fighting for every step
MS Mother Runner

Mother, Wife, Runner, and MS Warrior

"Hi There!

Welcome to my page!  A little bit about me....  I'm  a nearly middle aged wife, mother, full time worker, runner, and MS warrior.  In other words, I keep busy. 

I was raised in Omaha, Nebraska, and moved away as soon as I went to college, swearing I'd never live there again.  For the next 12 years, I lived all over the place, including places such as Quebec City, France, Colorado, Bahamas, Mexico, California and Texas.  Then, lo and behold, at 9 months pregnant, guess where my husband and I ended up transferring to... You guessed it!  Back to Omaha.  We've been back over 5 years now, and honestly, it's great to be near family and it's a great place to raise our kids.

My husband is one of the most loving and loyal people I've ever met.  He's my biggest supporter and I couldn't get through life without him.  The kids... Luke (5) and Piper (3).  I always say Luke is the child you get to convince you to have more (easy, loving, empathetic) and Piper is the "mother's curse" child.  You know, the "I hope you have a child just like you one day" kid?  That's the one.  She is sassy and creative, and so darn loveable.